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Meida Filling Equipment Manufacturer is specialized in producing aerosol filling equipments,
and it is a member unit of China Aerosol Packing Industry

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Innovation view: Why does Media develop so fast? “Innovation” is the essence! The traditional concept of Chinese people is so strong that it becomes a kind of shackle. However, the “innovation” of Media people focus on fierce enterprise consciousness—bucking for surmounting relying on advanced thinking and transnormal courage and resource, and inspiring ourselves with “innovation permanence”

Quality view: Media people have the energy of development, but it does not mean impertinence or even rejection of sense to achieve the expansion of quantity blindly. Now, Media has already stood at the jumping-off point of prospering national aerosol filling equipment, and it thinks more of quality than any time. Media people are always pondering: how to win in the rough journey? Only quality!

Management view: Development and progress are our permanent theme, and improving product quality and perfecting service are the tenet of Media. Scientific and human management are especially important. Media needs scientific decision-making, scientific production, scientific management…… Whereas, anything can not take writing off the innovation and personality of entrepreneur and staff as the cost. We cherish the energy of humanity incomparably to realize modenization of management consciousness, efficiency of management organization, specialization of management personnel, standardization of management mode and scientificity of management means.

Talent view: Media firmly trusts that human's wisdom is endless, thus, providing sufficient room for all the employees to display their literary or artistic talent so as to fully prolong their wisdom.




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