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Meida Filling Equpment Manufacturer is specialized in producing aerosol filling equipments,
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High-speed intelligent flexible aerosol filling line


Model QGQ750 Automatic Aerosol Filler

Fiter tower


Products Name:High-speed intelligent flexible aerosol filling line


Products Description:


This machine is combined pneumatic control and electrical control, meanwhile coordinated with other mechanisms, it is a whole set of circulation filling lines including can arrange machine, rotary puck inserting machine, 6 heads/12heads linear liquid filling machine, rotary type vacuum & crimping machine, 5 heads/10 heads linear type gas filling machine, linear type weighing machine, actuator presser machine, capping machine, can unloading machine and flexible conveyor. This line suitable for different kinds of cans, no need to change any mold, it solves the problem that the mold needs to be replaced when occur different diameter can during production, which greatly saves time and improves production efficiency. At the same time, the inlet and outlet conveyor adopts frequency converting control, it could ensure more stability during inlet and outlet conveying, and also can adjust the conveying speed according to the filling speed, in the other hand, it could ensure the safety which by separate the control box and main machine body, and connected by safety barrier for the joint part of electrical part and main engine of control box. Within characteristic such as high efficient, high precision, more safety and reliable, this filling line is an ideal choice for large scale manufacturers of aerosol products.




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Add:North to Huicun gas station, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, JiangsuProvince
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