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Yangzhou Meida Filling Machinery Co.,Ltd

Meida Filling Equpment Manufacturer is specialized in producing aerosol filling equipments,
and it is a member unit of China Aerosol Packing Industry


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QGB2Y Bag-on-valve Aerosol Filling Machine


QGB2Y Bag-on-valve gas filling&sealing machine

QGB2Y Bag-On-Valve liquid filling machine

QGB2Y Bag-On-Valve Aerosol Filler

Model QGBES Semiautomatic Numerical Control Bag-On-Valve Filler

QGB2Y Two Combine Into One/Shaving Gel Bag-On-Valve Aerosol Fill

QGBGY Semiautomatic Under-cap Oxygen Filler

Model QGBGDY PLC Controlled Semiautomatic Oxygen Under-cap Filling Machine

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Add:North to Huicun gas station, Jiangdu District, Yangzhou City, Jiangsu Province
+86 13626120188
Phone:+86 136-26120188
Fax:+86 514-86373338
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